Book conversion: Do you want to do it all or leave us in charge?

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Each and everyone of you is different from the other. You each have needs, expectations and hopes  often aligned with your skills, efforts and opinions. StreetLib adapts to your needs and expectations to make sure the result aligns with your hopes.
Today, I’d like to show you how this is true with the many possibilities set for you to get a converted book file.

For some of you even mentioning file conversion may feel like this:

Alice Crying

However, others may think spending money on a service they could do themselves is a bit….


It doesn’t mean we should choose to help one or the other; What it meant for us was simply StreetLib Write and StreetLib Edit.

Chocolate cake

Are you going to make it or buy it?

The spectrum of possibilities granted by these two tools is as wide as the one between someone going shopping for ingredients and kitchen utensils and cooking a chocolate cake and someone going in a bakery, pointing for the cake and buying it.

The result may be the same: they can eat chocolate cake. The experience is very different. We decided not just to offer chocolate cake but to allow people to choose the experience they like best.

Let’s see the degrees of independence and support you can get:

There are things you will always get from us, whatever option you choose: Our care and support when you contact us directly, a Help Center to sort out your options and processes and a bunch of tips, advice and tutorials on our blog and social pages (or directly on your mailbox with our newsletter).

Then, you can choose among degrees between using StreetLib Write with a personal layout and the HTML custom content area or on the opposite side of the spectrum using StreetLib Edit full formatting services. You could want to format the file yourself but use one of the themes we prepared. You could want us to do it all but give us your own book cover. You could customize the theme layout but then use the editor with no further customization. The possibilities are endless.

house construction

With the right skills, you can build your own home, why not your own book?

On one side of the options, you’re the boss, architect, project manager and craftsman. You are in charge. We give you the field, the bricks and mortar as well as the shelves, hammers and drills. You build your house, as you wish to welcome your stuff, your family and whatever you want to put in there.

On the other side, you give your furniture, belongings and children to our care and we put them all in a beautifully architectured house, professionally built.


So, are you ready, what is it going to be?

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