Overcome Internet shyness: ultimate guide to web content inspiration

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Here is a five minute guide to conquer all your web content anguish. You’ll always have something to say.

Yesterday, I gave two simple instructions on how to make the best out of your Book’s page on MyBook.is (don’t know what MyBook.is is? Check this out now!). Actually, these instructions apply to any web place* you’d like to see visited a lot. (That’s how people may get to know your book and buy it so, yes, it is essential that many people visit your web place.)

The second one is about the importance of regular updates on your web content to stay on (or get to) the top of search engine results. That’s what we call in web marketing jargon a “white-hat SEO strategy” (please stay away of the black-hat ones, it’s just wrong and inefficient in the long term).

Writing inspiration

You don’t think you have anything to write about? Don’t forget you are a writer.

What kind of content could you possibly put online once you described your book, all the data, the link to buy it (or better yet, the widget to buy directly where the description and data is)? That’s all your book is, you could not possibly just make up content about it. You’re not going to sell your soul to a padding strategy.

Really? Are you seriously at ease with this last paragraph I wrote? Does your book’s life end once you hit the “publish” button? Did your author’s life end? Did your publisher’s life end? No! Ok, so now that we made that clear what does it mean for your web content? Let’s try to make a simple list of some of the topics you could be talking about once your book is published:

  • reader’s reception
  • Book events (future, present and past)
  • Feedback on your experience writing the book
  • Feedback on your experience getting the book ready for publication
  • Feedback on your experience and choices as a publisher
  • Your impression and comment when readers talk to you about your book
  • Your strategies to promote your book (advice, questions, ….)
  • Your plans for other potential work
  • Your latest reads, other’s work you support
  • Your inspirations (places, people, books, stories)
  • Your reaction and comments on publishing industry news
  • Your answers to other’s reaction and comments on publishing industry news
  • Your vision of how the publishing industry should evolve
  • Your writing habits and how they compare to famous author’s habits
  • Reader’s review
  • Reader’s nice conversations with you
  • The good advice you received from other authors or publishers
  • Your take on an event related to writing or publishing you went to or are going to
talking genie

I can’t be your talking genie but that should cover it, no?

Shall I go on? For each of this topic you’ll probably have many opportunities to say something and since it’s always better to have 1 Subject for 1 post that could get you going for years to come with things to say everyday! And that’s only general suggestions from someone who knows nothing about your personal interests, expertise, passions, books topic, etc.

Little-miss-shySo, why does finding things to say every week seems to be so difficult for you? (if not you, many other people.) The main reason I hear when discussing this is that you don’t think it’s relevant/useful/of interest. How is it not relevant for your audience to know how your book is doing, how it was written, how you dealt with publication or promotion? Or maybe you don’t feel you have the authority to make statements on publishing, authoring or writing: always remember that people aren’t expecting you to be the online voice of truth (that’s Wikipedia). They go to your web place: they expect to read your view, your voice, basically: yourself.

You are the president, chief, king, queen, CEO and master of your web place: own it.

There is no reason to be shy. I’m looking forward to read all this in your website, blog or, if you want one all-set-and-ready-to-be-used web place: on your MyBook.is page.
*Web place: blog, website, social media page, etc. basically any page with a URL related to your book.

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