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You have a published book and you need to promote it. We all know how it is: You have no idea where to start, no wish to spend hours in trying to find out and absolutely no budget to hire someone to make it happen for you. We’ve all been there and this is precisely the reason why exists. homepage

Your book has a home thanks to is a first step to help your book’s fame and it’s a step you don’t even need to learn to take: we took it for you, you just have to follow. To know more about how works, take a look at the presentation article.

Once you claimed your book’s page, the only thing up to you is to make sure people get the opportunity to visit it. That means only two things:

  1. The link to your page should be everywhere (I don’t mean spam everyone, I mean each time you mention your book, the link to get it has to follow). Everywhere, everywhere: the signature of your emails, your social media profiles, your tweets, your Facebook status, your latest photo at a book event or with a reader….
  2. Feed your page with content to keep it growing in SEO: Your page has a good head start thanks to a beautiful URL but won’t be able to reach Search Engine results heights if it isn’t fed some content regularly. You have a mini blog at your disposal to publish regularly. You’ll soon learn on the blog that everyone has relevant and valuable things to publish on a blog, even you!

Your book now has a home, you just need to keep the door open.

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