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Wondering how you could get your book at the center of attention? What if you started by putting it at the center of online searches? With your book online in many big stores, perhaps talked about in blogs and reviews, how do you make sure people get the useful and right information they need about your book when they look for it? How do you make sure they can get the synopsis and purchase it easily?

I told you a few days ago about StreetLib Sell’s latest updates and it included a search engine. It is no coincidence if this update comes with the launch of a new StreetLib awesome feature: a home for your book online,


mybook.isFirst, go to and take a look. You’ll see this very beautiful and simple home page with a search box (there is your search engine!). 

Thanks to this search engine, you can browse through all the StreetLib catalog and see for each title a gorgeous page. Here is how gorgeous this page is:

  • The URL is*author’s name*/*book title*
                 A great way to please Google and other search engines and gain visibility there. (this kind of URL gains point in SEO)
  • Every detail is already shown in a beautiful way: cover, title, format, synopsis, etc.
                A great way to feature your book’s information online.
  • Sharing buttons allow anyone to share the page with their community
               A great way for them to start the conversation about your book
  • Books can be reviewed and rated.
               A great way to build momentum and value your book.

Last but certainly not least:

  • Books can be bought, right there, from the page. (Thanks to our awesome StreetLib Sell widget technology)
               A great, simple, automatic and free way to have your book on sale directly where all the communication about it is, without going through a book store. buy

On each Book’s page is a buy button like this one

What can you do with

Image 1What’s in it for you
, as authors, you ask? Well, you probably noticed a button in the book page saying “claim this book”. If you are the author of the book, you can claim the book page and it becomes “yours”!

To make sure you are indeed the person owning the book, you’ll be asked to enter your StreetLib Sell credentials, provide information and validate the claim in a confirmation email. We can’t have any individual claiming your book’s page, can we?

Claiming the page will allow you to:

  • Publish blog posts for your book. They’ll appear directly on your book’s home as soon as you publish your first blurb. That’s a self marketing tool ready for you right there!


  • Plug it to your Facebook fan page. Gather all your marketing eggs in one home and use the “call-to-action” button on your Facebook fan page to link your page. 
  • Get 15% revenue for distribution on top of your author’s revenue each time someone buys your book from this page!

Oh and, did I mention? This is entirely free!

To sum up:

  • MYBOOKIS_round_ex-square-13Without needing to do anything you get a beautiful page, with big SEO potential, to promote your page.
  • Once your page claimed, you can update the content, manage the reviews, publish blog post and plug it to your Facebook page: the page is entirely yours.
  • And, with a claimed page, you earn money for distribution every time someone buys your book
  • What are you waiting for to claim your page???
  • If you need a bit more explanation on how to proceed, see the Help Center section
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