StreetLib gives a 360° perspective on digital publishing in the “Master PED”

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MasterPEDI wanted to share with you on this end of week a bit of news from our company headquarters. A few days ago started officially the second opening of the “Master PED” (Professioni dell’Editoria Digitale, Italian for Digital Publishing careers). This Macerata University formation is held in collaboration with StreetLib and dedicated to people aiming to build a career in Digital Publishing.

This initiative is one of the first in Italy where StreetLib’s presence (and the presence of its parent name company: Simplicissimus Book Farm) influenced the evolution of publishing through the digital age since 2006.

To give a good kickstart to this new year of formation, my colleagues in Italy gathered a few reviews from the students of the first class of this Master. Here are a few excerpts:

Claudia Panunzio “It has been a busy year, I opened new doors to a world that always fascinated me: the world of books. And I also finally closed other doors to dedicate my time to what I really want to do “when I grow up”.”

Roberta Salvucci. “Working in publishing has always been my dream but I told myself that these days would never be possible. Nonetheless, within nine months of the Master PED I can say I took my first steps into this world.”

Enrico Tamburrini. “I liked the approach, which is both multidisciplinary (because the skills required are varied) and very technical and practical, as we were able to get into the heart of the work of those who make, distribute and sell ebooks.”

The specificity of this formation is indeed to give a 360° perspective to digital publishing, combining the technical tools and skills needed to set up a digital collection, publish it digitally and distribute it and sell it online with the business management and marketing strategies it entails.

Presentazione master PED 2 ed.

On the left is Giacomo d’Angelo, our CTO, presenting this year’s formation with Macerata University staff.

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