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As I told you last week, we have a lot of new things to announce, this week is about StreetLib Sell latest technical improvements.

For those of you who didn’t follow StreetLib Sell allows anyone to sell books anywhere on the web. The idea is this: you select a book (or more than one) on StreetLib Sell, you get a small HTML code and you paste it anywhere you’d like on the web (website, blog post,…), the result is a beautiful widget like this one:

If you were curious and tested it, you saw that you could get the books offered without ever leaving this page.

This not only means any author and/or publisher can put up their book for sale online but, in a larger scale, it invites anyone loving books to support their favorites and become a modern bookseller (Read Ciccio’s tips to become one in just a few steps)

So, back to our latest technical improvements:

  • All media URI now point to our fast and reliable CDN
  • Backend engine now works with a more recent version
  • Database reorganization to be faster and lighter
  • Removed hashbang /#!/ from web URLs
  • Added ElasticSearch engine to index, search and find relatives from the SELL catalogue

The tech savvy among you will immediately see how these are nice improvements and show how our guys work everyday to improve user experience. On my side, I have three confessions about this list:

  1. I just copy-pasted what my colleague Michele sent to me
  2. I actually cut the second half of the list because it would reveal a new service we’ll announce in the next few weeks
  3. The face I made while reading it looked a lot like this:


After a bit of concentration, questions to Michele and some Google searches, I understood what all of this entailed so here is the translation for non tech people:

  • The web addresses are cleaner so work faster and are more reliable (that’s the URI and hashbang dashes).
  • The Backend engine (that’s basically all the gears behind the watch face) had a version upgrade.
  • The Database is better organized (That would be like a reorganization of all the books in a library, again for a faster and more efficient user experience)

And last but not least:

  • We are working on a search engine that will not only be featured on that surprise service we’ll announce soon but also be added on your StreetLib Sell admin page.

That’s it for today, keep an eye open for the next announces coming up!

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