Social media platforms are helpers, they don’t have to be a fulltime job.

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I’ll keep this one short. It’s a short tip. Or better, it’s a reassurance. Are you reluctant or scared to go into social media platforms and learn all the tricks to get known and promote your book? Are you deep into it and frustrated that you aren’t focused anymore on your true passion? Here is my tip: 

Don’t forget to use social media as a tool for your needs.


Facebook Yoda

Not alone the Facebook Yodas will enjoy the use of this tool

It may seem obvious but we all easily fall into a trap where we think to be a good self marketer we need to “master Facebook, Twitter and all other relevant social media platform”. Why is this a trap? because mastering social media is actually a job but you don’t need to do that job to make the most of these great tools for your own purpose.


Always think about what you need from the platform you’re using for your own specific objective. What others are doing for their own purpose isn’t necessarily something you need to do. You always need to start by asking yourself:

why do I want to use this tool? How will it help me achieve that? Is it possible to achieve with the involvement I’m ready to put in it?

Then you’ll become a happy social media user, finding the benefits you expected with no more involvement that you originally decided. Always think of social media platforms as helpers for your global promotion plan, not a distinct mission you have to achieve on top of all your other writer/publisher missions.

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