Wanna be a bookseller? With StreetLib Sell you can!

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We receive a lot of requests about how to open an online bookstore. Formerly, this was almost impossible, due to technical limitations. Now, using our tool StreetLib Sell, you can manage a bookstore with no technical skills needed. All you need is your passion for books!

Let’s see how it works.


For starters, you’ll need an account on StreetLib Sell. If you already have an account with a StreetLib service like Publish, SelfPublish or Write, you can use the same credentials.

Accessing StreetLib Sell, click on Widget>Create and then follow these 4 steps:

  1. Name the widget
  2. Choose the dimension
  3. Choose the book
  4. Choose the widget’s style

That’s it! When you’re done, a shortcode will appear: you can copy and paste it on your website’s HTML code. It’s nothing difficult, every blogging platform like WordPress or Tumblr has an HTML area to create a new post or a page.

Using StreetLib Sell, you can create your own personal bookstore with your favorite books. You can also create a specialized bookshop selling only technical books, or childrens’ books, or romance. You can pick and sell your favorite books, organizing them in the way you wish to!

For every sale, you’ll receive 15% of the book price.

Create a newsletter for your customers, choose a book of the week… I’m pretty sure you can become the perfect bookseller and, please, don’t forget to choose a beautiful name for your bookstore!


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