[Feel Good Friday] It’s a Gif party: 10 things you should never say about books

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Reader, writer, publisher, editor, librarian, just anyone loving book will confirm this: there are things we just can’t hear. Never, ever. Just don’t say them, please. Here is the explanation in 10 gif images.

1) “The book is good but I hear the author is a real dick and respects no one in his personal life.”

gif and?

2) “Oh? The movie was turned into a book? Who is that Hemingway guy who adapted the screenplay?”

eyeroll gif

3) “People reading are anti-social.”

gif laugh

4) “This weekend we were at my grandma’s and we cleaned out her attic. We shredded thousands of useless old books.”

gif phsychopath

5) “Only old people read now.”

gif kid book

6) “They are removing mandatory reads from school to replace with proper grammar and spelling exercises”

frustrated gif

7) “Seriously, who has even time to read these days?”

gif obama

8) “I don’t even see how books are still part of our culture today.”

gif crying

9) “Look, I tear apart all these old books to build a cool iPad station!”

gif hopkins

10) “Books? meh… who cares?”

gif sarcastic applause

So here you have it people: you know how to speak to a booklover now so make sure you get it right. I hope you enjoyed this little #FeelGoodFriday Gifs party and have a good weekend everyone!

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