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Official Starz Flesh and bone poster

Recently in the US a new TV show called Flesh and Bone started. I was only able to catch a few images as I don’t have access to the Starz channel’s content (being outside of the US) but I wanted to share a quote from it:

“Ballet is the ultimate optical illusion. We make effort appear effortless, difficult divine, and make gravity our bitch.”

Why am I talking about Ballet here? Because, I wanted to illustrate to you what we are working on. It’s often hard for users to figure out what is the plan of a company and if they are going in the direction you are expecting.

First, the direction we are taking is the one pointed by you, StreetLibers. Actually this whole blog post is the result of a great feedback I got this morning from one of your fellow StreetLibers (thanks again, Daniel!).

You may not be a ballet aficionado but can you imagine the physical effort behind this move?

You may not be a ballet aficionado but can you imagine the physical effort behind this move?

Then, our main goal today is kind of the same as what Ballet does – excluding the gravity part.

All our tools (eBook file conversion, distribution and reports to and from dozens of national and international book stores, eCommerce solution inside a widget, etc.) were developed by our brilliant technical teams to answer different needs and require an enormous and permanent attention and work but you don’t care about this. We don’t want you to care about this because first and foremost, we care about you. We want you to have the “going to the Ballet experience”, where StreetLib services are effortless and beautiful.

The StreetLiber I talked with told me:

“maybe you can discuss visual strategies with your team, to make the whole experience as simple and intuitive as possible. Something based on the principles behind the invention of the smartphones.”

Exactly. Of course we are already not only discussing but working on this. Thanks for this feedback confirming we are on the right path! All our efforts are in getting StreetLibers to have the experience of one simple and intuitive tool. That’s what you already witnessed with the first steps of our unified website and graphic designs. We are growing in this direction and, as always, your feedback to get there is more than welcome

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