Using Twitter right: basic Dos and Donts (part 2)

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As you read the first part of these DOs and DONTs, you know that Twitter is more of a giant conversation than a megaphone for you to shout about your promotion, new book, etc. so you may think:

Oh then that’s easy, I just have to start a conversation with as much people as possible by following them all and tagging them all, everyone will love my work, and I’ll become a billionaire in a week.”

Once again, pretty much everything in this sentence is wrong (yes, I’m following a pattern here, maybe that’s something I’ll tell you about later in a more blog-content related article)

  • start a conversation with as much people as possible by following them all”: WRONG. Following people isn’t starting conversation. It’s more the equivalent of a poke which can be useful to have someone notice you’re there but can also be bloody annoying.
  • and tagging them all”: WRONG. A sea of tweets with hundreds of people tagged doesn’t result in a conversation started with each tagged person.

To see how wrong the rest of the sentence is, just see last week’s article.


Being poked is always so nice…

Second DO of using twitter: define and interact with your audience

Twitter has millions of users, thousands are connected at the same time but you’re wrong if you think they all are potential buyers of your book. Knowing this, trying to reach everyone is counter productive as you will, on the contrary, drawn your audience in a sea of people you’re trying to connect with.

Here is what to do:

  • Define who is part of your audience (who are the people you want to promote book to = who’d buy and read your book)
  • Find them: if you have keywords that define your audience, type them on Twitter, Facebook and Google. Chances you’ll find existing communities answering to your audience’s profile. 
  • Introduce yourself to them: show your value for them specifically, why they should pay attention to your speech more than the hundreds other they hear and see everyday.
  • Focus your communication on them: if your audience speaks only German, don’t bother communicating in English just because it’s the most popular language on Twitter 
  • Interact with them: communication is a two way street, even in self marketing.

Second DONT of using Twitter: Spam is not just an email thing

  • No junk mailboxDon’t shout in the hope of being better heard: in Internet language, CAP LETTERS ARE FOR SHOUTING, please use with moderation.
  • Don’t repeat yourself. You’re a writer: please reformulate even if the message is the same.
  • Don’t tag and follow people over and over again until they follow you back: that’s just harassment, I strongly doubt people will feel inclined to follow a bully.
  • Don’t get four different profiles to post exactly the same content on each. It will probably not get more people to see your content and it’ll strongly annoy the ones who see the same thing multiple times.


Read the rest of those DOs and DONTs soon on the blog!

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