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Nat Di Lampedusa published I Katisi – Lampedusa. Là dove soffia il vento through StreetLib services. The following letter was written freely by the author to share his publishing and StreetLiber’s experience as part of our StreetLib Stories initiative.
Thanks for the contribution, Nat!


Natale MartelloI started writing with no specific intention, with the pleasure and emotion to embark into an extraordinary yet unknown adventure. In time, I considered giving a body to all this material of notes accumulated, without any order, in the many pages of an old and bulky diary.

It wasn’t an easy task to try to make something of all the annotations and ideas emerging in my mind as I wrote, and to blend it into a unique project. Once the book finished, acknowledging that writing is meant to communicate with others, I dived into a long “sanding down” task, reading and rereading. Meanwhile, another desire was born in me: Giving a go at designing the cover as well, deciding in the process to use a pen name, only for a reason of identity and belonging.

I Katisi – Lampedusa. Là dove soffia il vento” was ready; the only thing left was to get the project known, offering to readers and their reviews. There, aware of the difficulties, the first doubts arose: how to get the book published? I’ve always been a big reader of printed books and I thought that the only way was to take the traditional publishing road. I nonetheless soon realized it wasn’t going to be an easy road. In fact, after a short online search, I ended up on StreetLib’s website ( at the time). There, my doubts were gone; It was time for me to play the game, the paper book could wait. That’s how I experimented personally the series of self publishing services StreetLib offers, allowing me to publish, or – even better – self publish my own book as an eBook. Working with StreetLib’s platform was a stimulating and engaging experience. Thanks to StreetLib tools and its staff’s prompt and competent assistance, my book has been published into the main Italian and International bookstores.
Thanks as well, StreetLib, for the stimulation and encouragement you keep offering for self marketing, after the book is published.

I can state that StreetLib doesn’t leave “their authors” behind.

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