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For those new to the blog, I like posting on occasions, at the end of the week, a Feel Good article, just to put a smile on our faces (hopefully I’m not the only one smiling) about something nice, funny or happy related to books.

A few weeks back, I read a really beautiful collection of tweets and Facebook comments from people who were asked by Goodreadswhat would happen if book lovers ruled the world?”. From the funny, to the poetic, I thought I’d share a selection, mainly because we (StreetLibers) are trying to go in this direction with a first step:

Let book lovers rule the book world


Sorry I didn’t share them before, I just was a bit taken by our new website and different news announcements. Still, a book smile shouldn’t ever be postponed, I’ll try to be better in the future. Thanks Goodreads for the nice initiative!




Books and Tea: The longest marriage there ever was.

Books and Tea: The longest marriage there ever was.

“Tea sales would skyrocket.” (Alena Dolph)

“There would be a special lane on walking tracks just for readers.” (Misbah Ahmad)

“This would be a valid excuse to get the day off: I was up late finishing my book.” (Joshua Dilts)

“There would be less ignorance and more tolerance.” (Alicia Aleman)


candle old books smell

Apparently there already is the candle!


What about you? How would you finish the sentence “If book lovers ruled the worlds…

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