Everything you need to know about eReaders to publish an eBook

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When you publish an eBook, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an avid eBook user and it’s no treason to your paper books. (Note from the old blog: because, really, is it the format that makes the book?) So maybe you don’t know much about about the virtual objects called eBooks and what they are read on: eReaders. No worries: that’s what this post is here for!

First, there isn’t much to know to be able to successfully publish your eBook: most of the time you’ll get the necessary information from the tool you are publishing with.

eBook formats:

  • EPUB-01Universal official eBook format: ePub (the Fixed Layout* version is ePub3)
  • Amazon eBook format: mobi (the Fixed Layout version is KF8)
  • Also usually usable on eReaders but makes the experience less comfortable for readers: PDF

–  Fixed Layout: where the layout of each page of the book is fixed, not responsive (like other formats are). Adapted for some book types: Children’s books, Photography books, Comics, etc.


eReader specificities:

Because most eReaders are built and sold by the eBook stores companies themselves (the Kindle for Amazon, the Kobo for Kobo, etc.) they of course tend to favor their own format and bookstore apps and libraries.

Fortunately they realize more and more that readers don’t want a tool that closes them into a single book world (can you imagine a library or a physical bookstore saying “You can buy our books only if you read and buy only our books.”?). Plus, smartphones and tablets are now also common book reading tools and they usually have apps for each format, library or bookstore the user wishes to use. eReaders hence allow more and more competitors formats and apps (See for instance formats accepted on the Kobo or on the Kindle)

The main conclusion is that you don’t need to be an eReader expert to publish an eBook but you’d better make it available in both main formats: mobi and ePub, which of course we take care of automatically if you create and publish your eBook through StreetLib.

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