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This is it folks! Hold on to your sits and prepare for some mind blowing news. You know how we have an online tool, entirely free, for anyone to create good quality ePub and ePub fixed layout files?

Our brilliant technical team has recently released an new version of the tool and, along with a lot of great improvements on the Fixed Layout area, there is one that truly blew me away when demonstrated: The text recognition and edition from PDF.
And yes, this is still fully online and free!

What does it mean? Let me show you:

When you import your PDF, StreetLib recognizes the text parts and transform them into text frames in the editor. From there, you can edit text like you would in a normal text book with access to a formatting toolbar:

pdf text recoedit

In the meantime, you can change the text frames like picture frames and move them in the page, re-size them, etc. Still managing fonts, background color, text colors for your whole book in (now simplified) book properties: 


But that’s not all! If you want to manage a specific customization on this frame (and not deal with the all file) you can toggle and edit the HTML on this frame specifically!

toggl html


This is very huge as it is a step toward fully online complex book edition! Your Kids book can now be built entirely online with all the configuration, formatting, beautiful settings you wish for. This is because of a technology that imports the PDF in HTML format. (That’s a bit technical so I won’t bore you with details.) Actually, I don’t know of any other tool doing this! Do you?

You thought that was enough good news at once? There are many more new features to discover! such as Table of Contents recognition from PDF files (like we had for importations from .doc files), Pop-up text and highlighted windows as well as an improved error management system! More details about each new feature is demonstrated on the StreetLib Write tool right now. If you didn’t sign in yet, a slider will show up and tell you all about it. If not, here is an opportunity to point out a nice little button on the Write tool: the latest features of the tool are always presented whenever you want to discover them on the top bar of your book’s page through a nice gift icon. Here is below the same (but slightly bigger) icon to get you to the great new StreetLib Write, enjoy the early Christmas present! (speaking of Christmas, it’s almost November 4!)


Feedback and comments are always welcome to help us improve and adapt the tool to your needs: post something in the comments below or on social medias (Facebook or Twitter).

And as usual, don’t hesitate to contact us with any question, complaint or concern.

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