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If you received last week’s newsletter, you know we’d love to share your StreetLib Story on the blog. My Italian counterpart, Giovanna, has published a lot of those and I thought it’d be nice for you to have an idea of what your community of StreetLibers is made of and how you too are a part of it!

Let’s start with Liliana, Valeria and Roberto’s story:

liliana-roberto-e-valeria-alle-svalbardThe Family Travel Blog started off as just a game to share our great passion for travels and our experience going around the world always in a DIY way as a family. (…) I started writing my guide and ended up with a 500 pages book. How was going to produce and structure it? I was advised to choose self publishing and to trust StreetLib for this path. The result is a book that ended up 13th Italian best seller on Amazon. A passion that turned into a great result and an immense satisfaction!
What’s next? Who knows! One thing is sure: never change a winning team!

Discover their book. Eugenio (below in the picture) published Contixeddus with StreetLib. Here is a glimpse of his story:

eugenio-coniThree years after the publication of my first collection of poems I, Eugenio Coni, returned with a small booklet of stories entitled Contixeddus. I was pretty satisfied with my first experience as author of sardinian poetry with Italian translation, fragments of life welcomed with pleasure by my neighbours and circle of acquaintances. (…)

I want to thank StreetLib staff, hoping that the cooperation will continue.

These excerpts are from letters StreetLibers send us voluntarily and that we publish as they are. It’s great to see each path they took to find words, books and StreetLib. Here is a bit of Daniele’s voice:

Daniele-Boscarato-1I think writing is the most immediate way to tell oneself’s story. Because, trying to describe and call to mind a story that touched us, we can’t do otherwise than re-live it, re-elaborate it, test it, modify it and dye it with colors it didn’t have before, adding some touches of ourselves that necessarily transform it. (…) I think it’s difficult to get fully involved in litterature. We’re instinctively put off by the fear of not living up to the task. We are understandably afraid to expose who we are; convinced that, through what we wrote, it’s us who’s judged, our emotions, our inner self. (…) [StreetLib is] most of all, a unique opportunity for those who, like me, don’t possess the necessary resources to be autonomous yet. It’s a window wide open to the present and at the same time – I believe – to the future of the Literary universe.

His story in Italian is here, with links to the books he published through StreetLib. Let’s now read a bit about Franco Mimmi, a StreetLiber with writing rooted in him:

Franco-MimmiIf you are a writer, comes a point where a book just arrives, it appears in your head and grows inside you until you’re forced to write it, because a writer is a person that “has to” write: if he’ll be successful or not is another story. (…)  My literary life continued with few satisfactions and new difficulties. The literary prize rituals can be very disappointing (I’d say between painful and indifferent), so I decided at a certain point to stop participating. Plus, not every publisher respected their commitments so that, after a few frustrating experiences, I turned to self publishing.

Milena to finish up, who has kind of a Julie & Julia story:

Milena-PotenzaMy eBook was born just for fun. When I was given a mini iPad as a present, I decided to start transcribing my recipes with Pages. Plus, I often was asked for one recipe or another, this way I always had them available to share.

After a while, kind of as a dare, my companion asked me: “Why don’t you make an eBook and sell it?”, to me it was something impossible, but I started to do a bit of research… The most difficult thing for me wasn’t to create the ePub, but more the publication and distribution to the various most renown eBook stores. (….) and that lead me to [StreetLib]!

Have a great Weekend dear StreetLibers and I hope to read your story soon!

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