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It is with great pride, immense honor and unlimited hopes for the future that I am posting today the first article on the new StreetLib blog. Part of our big unification plan, this blog is the unique feed to get information on the Publishing tools we provide.

This blog is the place to read about News and updates, about every StreetLib services, tips & tricks on publishing and to hear the voices of those who’ll do whatever it takes to save The Book. To get all this great content directly on your mailbox, sign up for our newsletter! The subscribe form is on the bottom of every page of our beautiful new website: you can’t miss it!

Meet the StreetLib experts that’ll share with you here their tips, news, experiences and wisdom:

Giulia Sbaffo“Hi there! I’m Giulia. I belong to the StreetLib Customer Care team, but I’ll also write every news from StreetLib HQIf there are top-secret-meetings about the future of books or publishing revolutions you’ll know EVERYTHING, trust me. :)”

“Hey folks, I’m Marta, StreetLib’s art director. Sometimes you’ll receive some suggestions on how to make things okay for the eyes and that part of the brain that makes you love or hate something without knowing exactly why.”

Antonio Tombolini“Hi, I’m Antonio. I feel like the book reading experience is in danger, and all book lovers should contribute to save and preserve it for the future. This is why I founded, as a way to make it easy for writers and readers to write and spread books worldwide, whether they’re made of printed paper or bits. I’ll share with you some behind-the-scenes-stories about what’s happening to the publishing industry, to better understand what to do to save the book, whatever it takes.”

Ciccio Rigoli“Hi! I’m Ciccio and I’m part of StreetLib Customer Care team. I’ll talk about new stores connected to our beloved StreetLib platform and about our service StreetLib Sell. Moreover, I’ll give you some news from our publishers and how they are fighting to save the books with us. Whatever it takes!”

team_blog_pics-05Finally, you will read myself, your humble servant, whenever there is something of interest on StreetLib or in the Book world that I’d like to share with you. I’m StreetLib’s International communication and copywriting manager but, first and foremost, I’m ears and hands, there for you when you need information or support.

Of course, StreetLib’s blog is also about you, StreetLibers! The StreetLib community is welcome to share stories and participate to interviews or social media events that will be reported here.

We look forward to sharing all great Book things with you!

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